We don’t just improve grades and test scores. We set students up for lifelong success. Using our proprietary curriculum, we help students at all levels of academic achievement (from the D-student to the valedictorian) find direction, develop their strengths, and adopt healthy and effective habits. 

We call our approach Academic Empowerment Coaching™. When students are academically empowered, education becomes what it should be — an enjoyable journey of self-discovery and self-development.


DJ Fuller began his education career in 2003, as a private tutor to students at some of the most rigorous schools in the US. After serving as a senior executive at three elite tutoring companies, he went on to create Flourish – a new model that helps students build the mindset and habits necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

Our coaches

Our Academic Empowerment Coaches have stellar academic pedigrees and at least five years of experience in tutoring and coaching. They’re lifelong learners who appreciate the intrinsic value of education and the importance of ongoing personal development. They’re patient, compassionate mentors who find deep satisfaction in helping students define and achieve their goals.


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